About Christine the Worrywort

I’m Christine! I am a stay-at-home Mom. I have wonderfully supportive husband named Scott who has generously agreed to help me make time to be a blogger, and three fabulous kids Noah, Luke and Grace who give me great writing material.

I have been thinking of starting a blog for ages, but was having difficulty finding something unique to write about. So finally I decided I should just be going for “relatable” anyway. So here is what I came up with: my job as a mom and my challenges as an incessant worrier, tempered by an ever-present optimism.

I am reminded every day that the key to getting through this parenting stuff is to laugh at myself as much as possible and to never take things too seriously. Unless someone’s cut himself and is bleeding profusely, or there is a closed head injury…then we can take it a little more seriously. But fingers crossed, that won’t happen…


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