Relentless Gratitude

While our extended family gathers today to celebrate Thanksgiving, we are home today. The stomach flu hit our house Monday night. Sweet Grace fell first. Scott is down and out today. I thought I’d be really upset about missing it on Monday when I realized the probable timing of the next bout of illness, but I’m oddly grateful. I am glad we are all home, safe and warm. I am grateful I can take care of Scott and the kids. I am looking forward to a lazy day in our pajamas, drinking tea and watching movies; it’s not so bad.

  We push and pull and try to force the events of our lives into what we want; we believe we know best—we know how things are supposed to go. But there are times life has other plans for us. This is when life asks us for relentless gratitude. We have to work to find the things for which to be grateful. 

  Last weekend, we were in downtown Detroit at the Fox Theater to see The Grinch and there were some road closures. The roads we normally take to get onto the expressway were blocked off so we had to follow Siri’s recalculations and admit that forces more powerful than our own had insight to a better route, even if it wasn’t the way we thought we should take. Of course that magical robot voice got us safely to our destination. We just had to acquiesce. 

  Today is another opportunity to find contentment in the imperfect. Life is not predictable. It’s not always a party or a feeling of being swept off your feet with excitement, sometimes it’s just ugly! But ironically, the inconsistency is the steady. Change is sure. And when we can learn to appreciate the joy to be found in the present full of its bumps, bruises and imperfections, when we stop fighting reality versus our expectations, we’re going to understand the true definition of joy. 

  My mom and dad are celebrating 39 years of marriage today. I don’t know if anyone can attest to the truth of these sentiments better than they can. My dear mom, who is undergoing treatment for metastatic breast cancer, who fights to wear her smile every day and my dad who is there to hold her hand and fights to give her reasons to smile, you both inspire me and Scott so much. 

  When you think everything is lost in your life because something didn’t go the way you’d planned, you need to look at what’s there, not what you lost. The things that are meant to be ours will be and that is where our joy lies. Pursue your joy relentlessly. Dig deep to find the blessings because they are always there.

  I wish you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving.

The kids were in awe of The Fox Theater in Detroit. It really is a work of art.


“You know those times you nearly fall to your knees under the heavy relief of overwhelming gratitude for the richness of your life—even though things aren’t perfect and never will be? Even when you still have problems and worries and always will? How I pray you know those sustaining moments well. If not lately and soon, then eventually and surely. You can build a big, beautiful life on those cornerstone moments. How relentlessly I wish them for you.” – Jodie Utter ( 



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  1. Hey Sweetheart, once again I’m touched by your writing. Mom and I Love you very much! We will get together soon!

    Love Always,


  2. “Stop fight reality versus our expectations” … your words perfectly describe what I fought with all holiday, and couldn’t describe on my own.

    ❤️ Thank you.

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