Please don’t tell me there’s no magic. I’ve seen it with my own eyes and felt it in my bones. Surely it’s magic when you look at another human for the first time and feel at home in their eyes. You gasp for breath because it takes you with inexplicable force. And when you finally feel that first kiss, you know…an entire universe just opened in your heart.

Magic is in the creation of every life on earth. From nothing, from darkness, comes everything…Babies’ chubby fingers and toes. Kaleidoscopes of irises. A smile…A smile that will conquer hate and fear a thousand times during its existence. It will win love. It will start this miraculous cycle all over again. This is magic. So please don’t tell me magic isn’t real. It’s the only thing that makes life worth living.


One thought on “Magic

  1. It could be said that the Magic began when you had your first child, but the truth is that everyday afterwards is blessed with the same Magic or miracle if we but stop and see what’s right in front of our Faces!

    Love Always,


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