Summer Beautification Assignment

ozjykIsnRP6JMZ89lRo06QI drank coffee this morning which doesn’t happen daily. But when it does,  I go into spiritual beast mode. That coupled with the fact that I am going through the process to become a certified personal trainer has me feeling impassioned to remind you– YOU– that you are so much more than you think you are. This isn’t lip-service. This isn’t me telling you what I think you want to hear so you’ll keep reading my blog. This is me telling you from the center of who I am that you are a worthy, beautiful, glorious soul.

When I am reading my study materials for this course and I have to memorize the fact that “Roughly 2/3 of Americans are categorized as overweight or obese” I want to cry. Why are we killing our bodies? Why are we putting unhealthy foods and chemicals dressed up like “food” inside of our bodies? Don’t you know you’re worth more than that? And why aren’t we out walking in nature for just twenty minutes a day, or making time to sweat out the toxins? Why are we muting our spirits? Why aren’t we living the robust, healthy lives we were created to live? I’m asking–Seriously! Why are we burying ourselves in problems and addictions just so that we don’t have to face our feelings?

I know how real it is! I have struggled in my own ways. I will tell you for me, it was the simple fact that I was out of touch with my soul, my inner self, my truth, my essence…whatever you want to call it. I was a “human doing,” not a human being. I prioritized everyone else’s needs before my own and I got burnt out and I fell apart. The only thing I kept going was working out regularly, but I was doing it in a self-punishing way. My mental/emotional and spiritual health were basically in a coma until recently. I am awake now. I want to help others wake up. I want to do my part to help others so they don’t have to collapse like I did. So this is my mission in life.

Over the summer I am going to publish a weekly “assignment” of sorts to help you delve into the inner facets of yourself that maybe you’ve been neglecting. If you are not a regular follower of my blog and would like to make a small commitment over the next few weeks to delve into this low-commitment journey of self-exploration, please select the option to follow my blog. I promise these won’t be any kind of difficult assignments (Ain’t nobody got time for that). I just can’t think of a better way to classify these prompts without it getting really wordy…Exercises in unearthing your

unnamedphysical/emotional/spiritual self…getting off your butt and living beyond existing…I don’t know. It just seems like more than that.

No need to enroll or anything like that. It’s very informal. It’s my “Summer Beautification Assignment.” I am just putting this out into the universe with the hope that it will help someone who needs it. Happy Thursday. 




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  1. Well said and needed. Thank you for your insight and reminders to focus on the things that are commonly ignored.

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