Gracie’s Blankets

Since she was a baby, Gracie has sucked on her muslin blankets. We bought these Aden and Anais blankets when she was a newborn and used them to swaddle her. I loved them because they were these big soft blankets that weren’t too thick and perfect for the warmer months when she was a baby. And I could use them to cover myself when I had to nurse her. When she began teething at three months old, she took sections of them, shoved them into her mouth and would use them as a sort of pacifier. Scott and I were thrilled because it meant we’d never have to pry an actual pacifier away from her like we did for the boys. Plus we had multiple blankets this way! Not like the boys’ very specific ones that can never be replaced. This has been ideal when we’ve been hit with sickness or spills happen. Grace always has a back up! And really, what was the harm? A tiny section of cloth used to self-soothe? We saw no issue. Until now.

Grace will be three in May. She has developed a slight overbite. Some people have suggested that it may have something to do with her blanket. It’s hard to say. Both Scott and I had overbites as children, so maybe it’s just genetics…? Anyway, it can’t be helping the situation. And we know all three of our kids will likely have braces in the future.The boys have a ton of crowding and all of them have very large teeth (Sorry, guys!)

So we decided last night to try taking her blanket away. She cried, a lot. My original plan was to wait until she turns three and then try negotiating her blanket away with a new toy. Scott just figured we should do it now cold-turkey. We “compromised” (which in this case was more me railroading Scott) and told her she could sleep with her blanket, but she couldn’t put it in her mouth. She actually tried very hard; we watched her on the baby monitor as she wiggled around her bed trying to get comfortable until about ten o’clock, rubbing the satin tag of her blanket against her nose but not putting the blanket into her mouth. She did fall asleep without it in her mouth! Of course at some point she forgot in the night. When I went to wake her up this morning, she had the blanket shoved in her mouth again.

Now it’s Monday. The boys are back to school after Easter Break. Grace and I are back to being just us girls. We had a fun morning of playing at the grocery store (“What color are lemons? Can you find any circles?”). She charmed herself a free cookie from the lady at the bakery counter and then we came home to have lunch and have her take her nap. As I put her to bed, I told her to try her very hardest not to put “blankey” in her mouth. She looked at me with her round blue eyes and said in all seriousness, “Just pretend you’re not home.”

I love my sweet, sassy baby girl.

She’s not shy about her blankey love. Here she is with my Grandpa Dan last summer. We had taken a vacation to visit them. She loves Great Grandpa Dan. He’s a great snuggle buddy. Needless to say, she was in her glory, here.



2 thoughts on “Gracie’s Blankets

  1. Hey Angel,

    She is too funny! I love her so much, and it makes me kind of sad to know that she is growing up and will soon leave this portion of her life behind because she has to grow up for real.

    Oh well, life goes on.

    I Love You!


  2. I loved this…I remember crying when Hadley moved into a big girl bed because it seemed like the loss of her babyhood. BUT, the climbing out of her crib every day was no longer an option. Letting go and moving forward is hard. Gracie’s response at the end was truly priceless though. Smart little girl 😂

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