Losing My Appetite for This “Patriotism”

I haven’t written much in the last few weeks. I have been slightly horrified as Scott and I watch the evening news together or even when I take a break to scroll my Facebook news feed when things about the upcoming election are mentioned. But I have hit a boiling point of sorts. So now, you can either close out your tab or continue reading…

Today I was at one of my favorite restaurants, a lovely mom-and-pop-shop bagel place not far from the kids’ school. I was enjoying a veggie bagel sandwich when an elderly man came into the restaurant to order his lunch. The owner of the place was just explaining to a third patron, “If a person were to come in to here to steal food from me, I’d be upset, but in the end, I would think that if a person were so desperate for food, he could only steal it, then he must need it more that I need the money.”

The elderly man who was still waiting in line started up with a loud tirade, “I’d show that thief my loaded gun and see how much he still wanted that food! That’s why this country needs Donald Trump. I’m reading all about this in my book about following Jesus. It says right here…” he started flipping through the pages as if some profound truth would spill out and convince us all that Donald Trump is the Second Coming.

I think between the raging blood pumping in my ears, my food coming back up my throat and my hand crumpling my sandwich paper so loudly, I couldn’t hear him anymore. This was the first time I’d heard the promises of Donald Trump compared with those of Jesus Christ.

People I love and respect have told me that they plan on voting for Donald Trump if he is the leading Republican candidate for the election in November.  We’re quite far off from that time and a lot can happen. I only ask that even if you think you’re sure, you do some research and ask yourself what Trump really stands for. I have voted conservatively in past elections but I will not stand behind electing this man to be the representative for our country. I would choose an underdog in the election and “waste” my vote simply to show my desire for a change. If Trump is leading the Republican nomination by then, my hope is that it won’t be by much. It would restore some of my faith in the ethics of the people in our country. 

Some have argued with me saying, “He’s just a figurehead. We need to focus on Congress,” but the president does have a considerable amount of power within our government. This is the person other countries will associate with our nation as a whole. We need to choose a person with morals and integrity, not someone who postures and changes his stance on every issue when called into question. Listen to what he actually says beyond, “It’s time to make the US great again.” I agree, Trump, but something tells me you aren’t going to be the one to do it.

It’s up to the citizens of this country to stop relying on government to bail us out. People need to take responsibility for their actions and stop playing the victims of a broken system. We need to stop looking for heroes in suits spewing empty promises to save us all.

I believe this country will become great again, but it’s going to take more than a flashy president or Congress. It’s going to take each of us taking a hard look at ourselves and doing the work to get us there and electing people who stand for truth, not money. Republicans always complain the Democrats favor big government. How is supporting Trump who promises to fix all of America’s boo-boos any different? Democrats say that Republicans will allow big business to run our country. Isn’t that already happening with how compromised government has become by taking kickbacks from big business? Government is responsible for almost everything we buy (or don’t buy) now. We all play a part in things beginning to crumble.

I am disgusted that of our leading options for presidential candidates, not one is a person I would be able confidently say, “This is a person who believes in our country.” The candidates I’ve seen only believe in their inflated egos. Please do yourself a favor and read up on these individuals. Look to reliable sources, not sensational news networks with their own agendas.

I want to give my kids a country that we can all be proud of. I am not proud of the three-ring circus that this election has become. I am not proud of the men and woman who are the front-runners to represent this country.IMG_3594

I am proud of the decent people I know who put in hard work every day. I am proud of the people who don’t expect hand outs without hard work when they are capable. I’m proud of people with generous spirits; those who do have a little more but don’t look down on those who don’t and are willing to help those in need without holding it over anyone’s head.

How do we get those people elected? I don’t know the short-term answer, but I do know the long-term one: We keep raising them with kindness, integrity and love.


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  1. Hey Steeny, this is well written and you are correct in your observations. The lesser of 4 evils comes to mind. But in the end their all crooks!

    Love YA!


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