Does It Serve You?

“Does it serve you?” If we examine aspects of our lives that make us feel bad, we should ask ourselves this very important question.

Many things hold us back in our lives. Often, it’s something we hold on to very tightly basing a significant part of our lives around. Wealth, power, pride, bitterness, anger, greed, sadness and fear are all things people use as background colors of the tapestry of their lives.
I look back on most of my twenties and I can recall significant life events which left me feeling empty and hollow. At their core was insecurity. That was the theme of my twenties. At that time, I worried constantly that I was being left out or that I wasn’t enough to matter to anyone. The problem was, I was always looking for others to validate my self-worth rather than looking within. Perhaps motherhood and the mellowing of age have brought me perspective and clarity of my place in the world. It doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with my insecurities at times, but I don’t feel as if they rule me anymore.
It is a very freeing and powerful thing to let go of emotions that no longer serve us. When I realized insecurity was my issue, I remember quite clearly waking up shaking with the thing that had possessed me for so long and I thought, “I’m tired of this. I don’t want to live this way anymore. But how do I stop? I don’t know any other way to be.”
Desperately seeking an answer, I sat very quietly staring out the window of my bedroom in the calm of surrender. I felt the answer wash over me within moments. “You are enough.” I felt my body soften to the realization. I felt the tension melt away. I began to cry tears of relief and happiness. I knew it was true because I had never even considered it before.
I did what I always do when inspiration hits me. I grabbed a pen and wrote the following message from what I could only describe as a divine source: “You are enough! You have always been enough. I’ve been waiting for you to remember this. You are here to bring forth change. Every person in this world has a great purpose for their soul. You only need to listen for it and be open to it. You are now. Hello again.
“Let your heart be open to people. Share your truth. Inspire others to look within. This is a time when people are forgetting who they are because they live in a state of not-enough-ness. Social media has only enhanced the problem. People think they need to be keeping up with one another and they are losing sight of their own personal journey. Please, help to shine the light of truth for those lost in the darkness of their fears; Every person on earth has tremendous power and an important mission. No one’s path is the same, but the destination for each is.”
I could barely recall writing the words. They flowed out of me with such ease. I know there are some who will not believe my story. It isn’t the way every one will come to their own truth. But for some, it will touch their hearts and resonate and they will know, “I am enough.”
You really are! You matter to someone and because of that, you matter to everyone. We are all connected by the same spirit. Some call it God. Some call it The Source. Some call it nothing at all but simply feel there is something bigger than themselves. What we often fail to see is that it’s not only external. This thing is inside of each of us. It is divine. It is Love. And it is real.
So now, ask yourself, “Does Love serve me?” If you imagine this divine power, this blinding love being the core element of your being, do you have room for your anger, for your sadness, for your fear? If you feel the power of Divine Love within you, all those other emotions will become reduced to ashes. You can look at any question in your life and Love will make the answer perfectly clear.
For Christians, we see this is how Jesus lived every day of his life. He was Divinity made human, just as we are, but he chose love every time. He felt the same emotions we do, but he knew that love was greater than any fear he felt. He died on a cross to prove this. He forgave those who put him to death. He asked God to forgive us. If this man could do this, why can’t we?
We can! We can choose love every time. Skeptics will ask, “So why are we given any choice at all? Why can’t there just be one way of living life to avoid all the misery we face each day?”
One of the most powerful quotes I can think of, and I know he was channeling Divinity when he wrote it, was when C.S. Lewis said, “Why then, did God give them free will?” Then he answered the question, “Because free will, though it makes evil possible, it is also the only thing that makes possible any love or goodness or joy worth having.”
This is our truth.
Here’s a fashion tip as you dress today: Your best accessory is Love. You can never go wrong with it. Love is the new black.

Lily Pads

Painting by Cindy Rashid


4 thoughts on “Does It Serve You?

  1. Hey Steeny, I Love this and it is so True! We are all “Enough” and we all have purpose if we can simply live a life devoted to service of our Children, our Spouses, our Family and the less fortuneate. As you aptly pointed out; Much Like our Lord Jesus did/does.

    I Love You Very Much!


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