A Really (But Not Really) BIG Deal

To many, this will not seem like a huge accomplishment, but to me it is. My youngest, little Gracie ate the following for lunch: steamed broccoli, 2/3 of a banana, a half a cup of apple yogurt, and a kiwi. The best part is, she ate all of it on her own, from her tray with her own fingers. I tried a different tactic with her than I did with my boys who will eat hardly anything. I basically throw anything and everything (within reason) at her to try. She is young enough that she is accepting of most of it and actually enjoys different flavors and textures. I don’t give her highly allergenic food yet. She is only eleven months old. But she loves almost everything she has tried.

I remember with the boys, I was almost afraid to introduce them to new foods and textures that they would gag or not like them. I still feel apprehension at times with Grace when I am about to chop up a new fruit or vegetable for her to try, but I swallow my fear and with cellphone in hand (in case of an allergic reaction) I spread the food around her tray and she willingly eats it up!

The boys are still a work in progress. They have ventured into a few new-ish food items. Noah does eat kiwi now and both boys are enjoying a wider variety of fruits. Vegetables are still non-existent except in smoothie form for Luke. But he did eat a scrambled egg and toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner yesterday.

Anyway, that’s my exciting update. ONE OF MY CHILDREN WILL EAT ANYTHING!


Here is one of my favorite pictures from Easter. It’s obviously far from perfect but it shows the kids’ personalities so well.


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