I swear I’m not slacking off…

I realize I just re-posted a blog from one of my favorite writers, Matt Walsh. But it was such a great read. I promise I will have my own new material soon.
Here’s my situation:
October 1 = Opening Day Archery Season : Christine = Single Mother of Three until the end of November.

But don’t worry everyone, he shot a doe yesterday. He’s hoping to find it today. {Insert eye roll}


You don’t “lose your freedom” when you have kids

Completely worth sharing. Matt Walsh hits the nail on the head yet again!

The Matt Walsh Blog

I guess it’s become my tradition on the weekend to pull from the “mailbag” and post a response to an interesting email from the week. I thought I’d switch it up this time around and go with something that isn’t nasty, vulgar hate mail.

This guy is a future father of twins, and so I feel a certain camaraderie with him:

Dear Matt,

Sorry, I don’t mean to bug you. I know you are very busy and probably get a lot of email (that’s an understatement lol). Anyways, I found out a few weeks ago that my wife is having twins! Yeah, pretty crazy but I’m really excited. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time even back before your blog was famous. I know you have twins also and so I thought I’d reach out to see if you had any advice to give me?

Can you tell…

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