No More Sunsets

A friend of mine was (half) joking with me recently and said that I take too many pictures of my kids. This friend also doesn’t have any children. She is an amazing photographer. She has snapped pictures that I would gladly have hanging in my home. She is always capturing really interesting subjects; a sky blue door next to radiant red flowers in a flower-box, an old rusty sign with the sunlight hitting it just right, a yellow leaf fallen onto still green grass. I mean, I do see these things and think they’re beautiful, but I never think to snap pictures of them. I think it has to do with that “new eyes” thing I spoke about before. When you become a mom, you change on a molecular level. It changes the way you see, hear, feel and yes, even smell at times.

When she made this comment, I wanted to respond but I didn’t know exactly how to explain it. So I just told her, “When you have kids, you won’t see the sunset as vividly. You’ll see your kid’s silhouette dancing in front of it.”

A bright, beautiful boy holding a pumpkin. Maybe not as artsy, but much more picture-worthy to me.
Some beautiful, bright pumpkins.


3 thoughts on “No More Sunsets

  1. Scott saw the picture of Noah that I posted and said, “Wow, you couldn’t have found a more flattering one.” haha! I still think he’s beautiful, goofy face and all!

  2. I loved this Christine. Again, you make me look forward to the day (if that ever happens) to being a mother.

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