Over Facebook

I am experiencing a certain type of euphoria today. Colors are brighter. Sounds are sharper. Flavors are more intense. I am free from Facebook. Allelulia!

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, actually. It also makes me more excited about the prospect of blogging. Here I can take my time with my words and say what I want to say. And if you’re interested, you’ll read it. If not, that’s okay too! I am not spending any of my day scrolling through my newsfeed looking at old high school friends’ home renovations or envying photos of a former co-worker’s three-week vacation to Europe.

Maybe I will get to clean my bathrooms today. Or maybe not. But I know one thing, I won’t be spending any spare time on facebook! I’m living my own life and feeling far less pressure to be documenting my experiences to share with 200+ people, of which only a dozen or so probably care. That might even be over-shooting it.

My very wise cousin Angela once told me, if something isn’t adding meaning to your life, you probably don’t need it in your life. I will miss seeing pictures of all of my friends’ and their kids, but hey maybe we can actually try getting together one of these days! It’s so strange to me that we live in a time where we can know so much about people without ever actually seeing them.

Tell you what, I will put on a kettle of tea and make a loaf of chocolate chip banana bread and you give me a date and time and we can actually talk, face-to-face, about our lives while our kids scream around the house making real memories. And don’t worry Grammie Ellie, I know we live far and it’s not easy for you to get here, but I promise I will email you pictures of the kids.

I am just going for simpler, more controlled communication. And probably sounding like a stick-in-the-mud, but I’m okay with that.


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