Introduction: The Neurotic Optimist

There is this song by Bjork called “Hyperballad.” The lyrics are about how she visits a cliff each morning and throws household objects over the edge to see what will happen when they hit the rocks below; what kind of sounds they will make, what the crash will look like, etc. And then she even imagines throwing herself over the cliff, not in a suicidal way,  just in a morbidly curious way. Then she scurries back to bed to the safety of her love and feels so relieved and grateful because the horror she just imagined was only in her head. I guess that’s how I interpret it, anyway. And I mention it here because I do this multiple times a day. Only my neurotic thoughts seem to be hard-wired in my head and I do it more because I am a worry wart, not predisposed to morbid fascination.
I imagine scenarios where anything that could go wrong does, but always hoping for a better outcome. And then when things end up being fine (and they usually do) I am so thankful and relieved that I have the life I have. I realize this is probably a really unhealthy way to spend my time thinking about my days, but hey, look at the title of my blog. That’s kind of my thing.
As a stay-at-home mom of three kids, there are opportunities aplenty for these irrational, dramatic fears though usually they are trumped by moments of not only great success, but really tender, loving occurances that I feel compelled to share with others. Example: Wow, letting the boys make their own lunch really didn’t lead to my kitchen exploding or anyone getting electrocuted! And we all sat down at the kitchen table and enjoyed messy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while talking about boogers and Legos.
I also feel I should share my experiences with people for several reasons. First of all, sometimes they are hilarious and who doesn’t like to laugh? And second, I find in this age of pinterest and facebook, we can all “appear” to be doing everything flawlessly like taking the perfect family vacation where our children play nicely together, no one gets carsick and no one ever fights. We all do crafty activities in an immaculate kitchen and have perfectly decorated homes with clever handmade artwork on the walls. And while that may be some families’ real lives, I know that it’s far from the truth for mine. My kids fight. I even yell at them sometimes. I am sure there is probably dried urine under the seat of my toilet. I haven’t dusted my house in about three weeks.

I can honestly say that although we are far from “pinterest-perfect,” I think we are making it. We have a good family. I am a good mom (I hope). And you are a good parent too! We all are doing the best we can.

Our family of five Our family: Grace, Me, Scott, Noah and Luke.

Other details that will probably come in useful when reading my musings are just the facts. Our little family of five lives in Michigan. My husband Scott is a financial advisor. We have been married since 2006. We have three wonderful children: Noah born October, 2008; Luke born May, 2010; and Grace born in May, 2013. As I mentioned before, I am a stay-at-home mother. I enjoy writing, then trashing it when I realize how inadequate and uninteresting it probably is. I also am a workout fanatic (one of the few areas of my life I like to pretend I have control).
So that’s me! I hope you will visit often and judge little and not the other way around.


7 thoughts on “Introduction: The Neurotic Optimist

  1. I cried while laughing- My babies are 21 and 17. This never ends and you just love them more! I love the interesting things so much more, so of course God decided to keep things interesting! You really put it into a place where we can forgive ourselves for being NORMAL!! Thank You!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! It is always nice to hear about a day in the life of other moms out there, I think it helps the rest of us to know there are definitely others out that there can relate to what we experience at home and there is no picture perfect family. We are all doing what works best (hopefully) for our family.
    I am excited to read more!

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